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A SINReM student startup in the spotlight

In late 2019, two SINReM students (Mridul Pareek and Antonio Mires Valdez) won the Sustainable Development Goals Copernicus Hackathon for the challenge ‘Raw materials in a circular economy’. The idea which they initially developed with two other members, was called ExaMine a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to track acid mine drainage (AMD) using satellite data.

Mridul and Antonio have pursued their vision to increase the safety and sustainability of the mining industry by applying to the PARSEC accelerator. They have won the Open Call 1 and secured €10 000 fund for their recently founded company “ExaMine Consultancy OÜ”. Their business proposal is well developed, and their technology has significantly improved through key partnerships.

They are partnering with a well stablished company with expertise in the Earth Observation and Data Analysis sector which further optimizes their monitoring capabilities by Artificial Intelligence algorithms. In simpler words, they can process larger areas with higher resolution imagery in less time and using less resources.

“Now we are ready to expand our value proposition, offering detection of ground movement for slope stability in open pits mines and mine tailings. The information is processed though AI engines and displayed in a user-friendly manner.”

With this proposal, they are currently on-track to apply to the PARSEC’s Open Call 2 funding. In this regard, they are exploring opportunities to interact with potential users and beneficiaries which they define as:

  1. Mining companies
  2. Environment consulting firms, which work with mining industry
  3. Government agencies, which are interested in having access to such a tool to monitor AMD and ground movement

As stated by one of the co-founders: “Through collaboration with industrial partners, we will better understand the needs of our potential clients and customize our platform for project specific parameters and conditions”.

The customized value proposition which ExaMine offers is an amazing opportunity for any company in the sector to improve their environmental compliance and fast-track the development of a start-up with great potential.”

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