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Gijs Du Laing

Prof. Abigail Barker is an expert in Geochemistry, Igneous and metamorphic petrology,Ocean Island Basalts, Continental Flood Basalts, Hydrothermal alteration of ocean crust

Her research interests encompass:
Application of petrology and geochemistry to studies of:
Cape Verde hotspot
– Temporal variations in mantle source heterogeneity
– Phenocryst scale heterogeneity
– Magma plumbing system
East Greenland Plateau Basalts
– Spatial and temporal extents of mantle heterogeneities in relation to Iceland
– Assimilation of continental crust
Fast spreading East Pacific Rise (EPR) ocean crust at Pito Deep
– Pervasive high temperature hydrothermal fluid flow
– Fault controlled hydrothermal fluid flow

– Sulphur cycle in the ocean crust