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From global challenges to economic opportunities

The limited availability of raw materials, together with worldwide phenomena such as base metal and high-tech metal supply risks, fossil fuel depletion and climate change urges us to radically opt for the sustainable management of natural resources. This challenge can be transformed into an economic opportunity, by for example re-invigorating the mining industry in a sustainable way and stimulating the recycling industry. This requires a shift in economic and business models but also in the education and training of the professionals who will be developing these models. There is a clearly identified need for professionals with a holistic overview on resource management and up-to-date processing technologies, that are familiar with sustainability concepts and possess an innovative mind-set to boost the economic importance of this sector. SINReM delivers such “T-shaped professionals”, who have a broad overview on the entire value chain with basic expertise and insight in all of its aspects, which is combined with specialised expertise in one particular field. They focus on developing novel technology, engineering and re-inventing materials cycles and the value chain to make them more sustainable and economically superior in order to strengthen European industry. Large industrial players active in this field, as well as small and medium enterprises have determinedly expressed the needs for professionals with such a profile.

T-shaped professionals making the value chain more sustainable

SINReM graduates are especially attractive for employers because the programme establishes very close, effective and clear links between education, research and innovation, i.e. the three sides of the knowledge triangle. This is reflected in the significant study time dedicated to innovation management and entrepreneurship skills, and to project work aimed at stimulating creative and multidisciplinary thinking with active involvement of the non-academic partners in the student supervision.

On a global scale, there is currently a wide variety of specialists and professionals available who each often act within the boundaries of their own domain. These specialists often lack the broader overview on alternative techniques available to make the entire value chain more sustainable and tackle specific supply risk challenges by looking at the issues from a value chain perspective within a multidisciplinary context. As a consequence, it is not always the most sustainable, effective, social, economic and/or environment-friendly solution that is designed and developed for problems related to supply risk challenges of raw materials and reduction of waste emissions. SINReM deals with this issue by delivering graduates who will have learnt to develop sustainable solutions for supply risk challenges and environmental problems from an entire value chain perspective and within a multidisciplinary context.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training

SINReM graduates are trained to excel in creativity, have an entrepreneurial mindset, a multidisciplinary view and innovative problem-based technology development skills. Several integrated courses throughout the programme stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience between the students, lecturers and non-academic stakeholders who are active in the value chain, and challenge students to develop and apply multidisciplinary and creative problem-solving techniques.

Entrepreneur – SINReM prepares you to start your own business. You will interact with company founders from the raw materials sector, gain the necessary knowledge and skills for innovation management and IPR, learn to develop and analyse business models and plan how to bring the results of research into application. Industrial partners and the research transfer/business development departments of the three partner universities are also there to support you.

The course includes the following elements

Business mission, business plan, business development.
Early market development
Financing R&D and new venture development in different business contexts
Requirements for management in different phases of business and organization development.
Reward systems in knowledge-intensive companies.
Strategic alliances and partnering
Intellectual property (IPR) and its role in research-based development projects
R&D and innovation management in the biotechnology industry

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