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Field Visit: Vito

On November 26th 2019, all 25 first year SINReM students visited Vito, an independent Flemish research organization in the area of clean techology and sustainable development. The students met in the early morning and enthusiastically got on the bus provided by Ghent University.

They were welcomed by the Manager of the Unit of Sustainable Materials Management, Peter Vercaemst. Peter gave a general introduction on the organization’s mission, and provided an overview of the different areas Vito focuses on in order to achieve sustainable solutions for the large societal challenges of today. Later, Project Manager (R&D) Saskia Manshoven presented the circular economy business models and some interactive methods that are used to engage companies in the circular approach. Next, the students were provided with lab coats and safety glasses to visit the Waste Recycling Technologies (ART) and Ceramic Materials and Powder Metallurgy (KMP) laboratories. They were able to visit half a dozen labs and interact with many scientists about their work. Finally, the students were invited to have lunch and to network with some professionals.

The outcome of the visit was very satisfactory to the students. Having observed Vito’s laboratories and their different processes, the students now have a more comprehensive view on one of the biggest organizations in Belgium in the area of sustainability. A considerable number of students made clear to consider Vito for an internship or a master dissertation during the next academic year. “Field visits are very enriching experiences in the framework of a master’s programme and the SINReM cohort 2019-2021 looks forward to be involved in more of these in the future”, one of the students concluded.