Meet the students who enrolled in the SINReM programme (academic year 2017-2018)

This academic year five students enrolled in the SINReM program. We asked them why they choose SINReM and how they experienced the first weeks in Ghent.

meet the students - SINReM

Lisa W., Diego M., Delphine L.G., Ettore A., Anna D.

Why did you choose SINReM?

Lisa W.: “My background in geo-ecology made me passionate about the environment. In my Bachelor’s programme, the focus was more on the protection of endangered species and addressing problems in nature. But I didn’t have the opportunity to make any changes for a better future, and that’s something I really missed. Through SINReM I hope to learn more about economics and the role of different industries and new technologies in finding new solutions, or at least discover what to take into account when designing new procedures and products. The combination of studying abroad (getting to know different countries, cultures, work habits and people), having international fellow students and being part of this new programme is so special. It’s also the perfect way to improve my English and get to know both academic and non-academic partners.”

Were you familiar with the city of Ghent?

Diego M.: “Yes, I knew Charles V was born here and I had also lived in Belgium for a year as part of the ERASMUS programme.”

Would you recommend SINReM?

Lisa W.: “I would recommend SINReM because I believe it’s a programme with great potential. The investors, coordinators, professors and industry partners work together and share their knowledge. SINReM offers plenty of opportunities in different fields, allowing us to choose our major after visiting the three participating universities. You often recognise what you’ve just learned during a lecture, which helps you make better choices. While grocery shopping, for example, you start to think about the packaging, the recycling process and the steps needed to bring a particular product into the supermarket. You start wondering: why is it like this? What could I do to change the current situation? What would be the pros and cons of change? You realise how interesting, important and urgent the topics of SINReM are.”

What do you expect from the programme?

Delphine L.G.: “I expect that this programme will give me the knowledge and skills needed to change the way we produce and manage (and waste) our resources, to ultimately make the world a more sustainable place.”