Prof. Gero Frisch wins 2018 Teaching Award

SINReM project coordinator Prof. Gero Frisch of TU Bergakademie Freiberg

KICK-OFF SINReM 2018-2019

On September 18th the SINReM programme kicked-off academic year 2018-2019

Celebration of ‘Walpurgis Eve’

The SINReM students celebrated
Walpurgis Eve in
Uppsala, Sweden

Interview with Prof Tom Hennebel


In the spotlight: Prof Tom Hennebel, Project Leader at Umicore and guest lecturer at Ghent University

Three universities, three cities

Study across three European countries together with an international group of fellow students.

Winter School

Winterschool blog - SINReM

The students went to TU Bergakademie Freiberg for the Winter School, where they focused on problems and innovations in the process chain of rare materials.

Umicore as a partner


The most unique aspect of the SINReM International Master is the close interaction with the non-academic sector, including companies like Umicore.

Meet the students

Meet the students of SINReM

This academic year five students enrolled in the SINReM programme. We asked them why they choose SINReM and how they experienced the first weeks in Ghent.

Launch of Capture

15 million euro of international and regional support and investments for the Ghent-based research platform and accelerator for resource recovery.