SINReM Meeting 4-6 March

On 4, 5 anad 6 March the SINReM Management board and Student selection committee came together in Uppsala, Sweden. The students presented their group works in the framework of the Resource Recovery Technologies course taught by Prof. Dr. Ir. Tom Hennebel (Umicore, CMET). The Management board discussed over several SINReM administrative business. On March 5th the SINReM Management board organized a networking event with walking dinner together with all current SINReM students (year 1 & 2), Uppsala Academics involved in SINReM and Guest lecturers Glen Nwalia & Musa Manzi (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa). On March 6th the SINReM student selection committee gathered to discuss the selection of the next incoming cohort of students and to award the Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree scholarships.

The academic admissions and Scholarship nominees will be contacted later this month.