Circular societies

The major Circular societies offered at Ghent University focuses on re-engineering the value chain, designing sustainable processes, systems and new business models for evolving towards a circular society. Therefore, data on e.g. flows of materials within the society are collected, analysed, and processed, and the sustainability of these novel processes and systems is assessed. Prevention of waste generation is targeted, and generated wastes are explored as potential new resources. These activities create symbiosis between different stakeholders and actors in the value chain. Particular attention goes to the management of societal changes, aligned with the sustainable development goals. The city of Ghent acts as central case in this major.

The master dissertation should fit into this scope. Mandatory courses deal with sustainable management of resources in the circular economy (including e.g. industrial symbiosis) and the design of sustainable circular cities (summer school). Elective courses focus on sustainable development, sustainable waste(water) management, and the organisation of circular societies, including transport and logistics, sustainable mobility and sustainable energy production. The latter are not only essential for evolving towards a sustainable society, but also increase the need for critical metals and raw materials in the society.