Georesource exploration

The major Georesource exploration offered at Uppsala University involves cutting-edge research in the areas of geophysical and mineralogical-geochemical exploration of mineral deposits. Uppsala University has expertise in mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry applied to mineralization and ore deposits as well as mine waste for critical elements. SMART Exploration, a horizon 2020 project (, focuses on innovative developments in geophysics with application to the mining industry. Researchers develop 3D geophysical models of ore deposits and investigate the role of the physical properties of the rocks. Collaboration ensures integration of geophysical results with the broader context provided by geological and mineralogical perspectives. Research into induced seismicity targets the hazards of mining and others consider the sustainability issues. From the environmental perspective researchers are involved in projects such as NITREM ( that investigates the extraction of nitrogen from mine waste. Other researchers are active in understanding the mineral supply chain as well as sustainable development related to mines and mining.

The master dissertation should focus on geological, geochemical or geophysical exploration, including mineralogy, critical minerals and metals. Other aspects involve management of primary resources (mines and exploration sites), urban mining and mineral supply, environmental aspects of mining and environmental baselines for potential mine sites as well as sustainable development issues related to mines and mining.