Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The major Sustainable Entrepreneurship offered at Uppsala University offers teaching and training to become entrepreneurs and to understand the essence of sustainable business development in general as well as in established companies. Teaching is organized as joint classes with students from the international master program Sustainable Destination Development, which offers several opportunities for learning synergies. The Sustainable Entrepreneurship major has two courses, the first one addressing models for sustainable entrepreneurship, where students critically examine them from a sustainability perspective. The second course focuses on applications of these models in real business settings and offers a possibility to specialize in different aspects of sustainable business development. The students will work in groups with assignments designed to illustrate important and critical sustainability challenges in the raw-material industry. Company visits and several guest lectures both from industry and academia characterizes the teaching as well as individual assignments and mentoring.

The master thesis can either be focusing on starting of a new venture in the raw-material industry, covering market research, co-creation and funding aspects of starting a new company, or contribute to sustainable technology and business development in an established company. Each fall interested companies or research groups from partner universities are invited to present thesis project proposals to the students in the Sustainable Entrepreneurship major. The students will choose between these alternatives for their thesis work.