What type of programme is SINReM?

SINReM is a 2-year 120 ECTS English taught International Master programme organized at Ghent University (Belgium) TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany) and Uppsala University (Sweden)

What is SINReM about?

SINReM is about raw materials, mineral resources, sustainable extraction processes, managing waste streams, clean technology, sustainable processes, sustainable mining and resource exploration, CO2 neutral recovery of resources from waste water & waste streams with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Where is SINReM organized?

It is organized at Ghent University (Belgium) TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany) and Uppsala University (Sweden), all students visit all three academic institutions

What is EIT Raw Materials?

EIT or European Institute of Innovation & Technology Raw Materials is a governance structure of the European commission supporting and funding innovation in education, research and industry in the framework of Sustainable exploration, mining, processing, recycling and substitution, circular economy within the Raw Materials sector. The EIT RM academy is the umbrella structure for all EIT labelled programmes within EIT RM.

What is the EIT label?

What is the International Training Centre?

The International Training Centre or ITC is a department at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, responsible for the technical coordination & orgization of the English taught master programmes and international master programmes (including SINReM) at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. The ITC also organises summerschools, short courses, PhD student welcome and supports all faculty level international relations.