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SINReM – September Course in Freiberg

In September, the new SINReM students spent three weeks at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. At this older mining university in the world, they learned about the entire mineral processing chain, starting with a visit to the TU Freiberg research and teaching mine Reiche Zeche.

During their course, students were introduced to scientific and technological challenges and innovations along processing chain. This was complemented by an introduction on entrepreneurial aspect. In this context, students had the opportunity meet and question TU Freiberg alumni who had founded their own start-up companies. With the support of academics and researchers, they also worked in small groups to bring their chemistry knowledge up to scratch. An in-depth conflict management workshop gave students the tools to successfully work together as a diverse international group in the future.

Lectures on mechanical processing, hydro- and biohydrometallurgy, separation and extraction techniques, and ore analysis were supported by hands-on practical experiments. In two excursions, students were given guided tours of the metal processing plant BGH Edelstalhwerke GmbH, as well as one of the most beautiful collections of minerals at the Terra Mineralia museum.