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The MOTOPED project in gear

The current Covid-19 health crisis has sped up the world’s inclination towards online learning. Both industry and academia need modules that fit their need for up to date quality learning. Training paths n​eed to be time-independent so that learners can study anything, anytime, anywhere.

The new MOTOPED project fulfils this modular training need perfectly. MOTOPED stands for this ‘MOdular TOolbox for Professional EDucation’ and offers thematic online modules tailored to a self-learning audience. The courses are designed for a professional or higher education audience and offer up to date insights in modern Raw Materials science. The content is delivered via an attractive combination of videos, assignments, animations, presentations, reading materials, knowledge clips, quizzes etc.

Since our last post on the kick-off of MOTOPED, a lot of progression has been made. We are now working on a set of 8 courses that are gradually gaining shape:

  • ‘Ion Exchange’ (finalised!)
  • ‘Flowsheet Modelling and Evaluation’
  • ‘Metal Recovery from Wastewater’
  • ‘Biosorption’
  • ‘Trace Metals Analysis’
  • ‘Materials Science Thermodynamics’
  • ‘Ionometallurgy’
  • ‘Modular learning methodology’ (for sharing best practices with partners co-developing training modules)

At this moment, all courses are developed in the Raw Materials theme, and we are inviting external academic and non-academic partners to also start developing courses for inclusion on the MOTOPED platform with our technical support. In the future, UGent-CAPTURE plans to expand the platform and host courses also in other fields of sustainable natural resources management and the circular economy, including sustainable water management and resource recovery from wastewater, carbon capture and utilization, and recycling of plastics.

Curious to see what the platform looks like and how you can use it? Sorry… this is still too early! The launch is expected in early 2021 and will be communicated in due time.

MOTOPED is funded by EIT RawMaterials, and managed by Umicore and the SINReM partners Ghent University (Belgium), TU Bergakademie Freiberg and Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology (Germany).