Three universities, three cities

Study across three European countries together with an international group of fellow students.

Ghent University, Ghent

Ghent University, situated in Ghent, contributes to SINReM through its leading Centre for Environmental Technologies , as well as its focus on biotechnology, the design and use of sustainable materials and recovery of resources from waste.

Ghent, Flanders’ largest student city

Ghent hosts 74,000 students, making it the largest student city in Flanders. Ghent University, with over 41,000 students and 9,000 staff members, is one of the top-100 universities in the Dutch-language area. With nationalities from all over the world, Ghent is known for its multicultural character, diversity and innovations in infrastructure, city life and student facilities. Ghent also boasts a progressive, ecological and sustainable approach towards quality of life. Every summer, several streets are pedestrianised and city gardens are opened to the public.

Activities in Ghent

Day and night, Ghent is always alive and kicking! The city boasts a unique mix of historical architecture and contemporary events, splendid renowned museums, theatres, opera and film. The city also hosts a wealth of exhibitions and other cultural events such as the Ghent Festivities, Film Fest Gent, the Ghent Festival of Flanders and Gent Jazz Festival.

TU Bergakademie, Freiberg

Being a University of Resources, the TU Bergakademie – focuses comprehensively on securing the supply of natural resources along the entire added value chain. It covers the spectrum from the exploration for new deposits, the low impact, environmentally sound extraction of the raw materials as well as the development of alternative energy technologies and efficient materials right up to the recycling process.


Freiberg has almost 41,500 inhabitants, making it a rather small town. This is what gives Freiberg a very special flair as a university town. Freiberg is located in the heart of Saxony, 360 to 440 meters above sea level, and it is an attractive business and residential location at the foot of the Eastern Ore Mountains. Not far away are the cities of Dresden and Chemnitz. The entire urban area covers ​​48,082,115 m².

Activities in Freiberg

In addition to bars, cafés and restaurants, Freiberg also has a lot to offer to tourists and visitors alike. The city has over 1,250 technical, art historical and cultural monuments of various types and sizes.

Uppsala University

Uppsala University is the oldest university in Sweden, founded in 1477, where a living cultural heritage frames a fantastic student life. There are more than 40,000 students here and they are all around, leaving their mark everywhere. The world-leading research and first-class education pursued here benefit society, business and culture on a global level.


The city of Uppsala is one of the oldest in Sweden. It has played a dominant role in the political, intellectual and historical development of the country. The two main institutions in the history of Uppsala are the Archdiocese and Uppsala University. Both lie on the western banks of the Fyris river with a bourgeois trading town just across the river.

Activities in Uppsala

As a student at Uppsala University you can enjoy a rich cultural life, surrounded by mummies, gardens, dinosaurs, old books, great music and beautiful artworks. Students enjoy free admission to the university museums, as well as free access or a student discount to many of the university’s concerts and other cultural events.