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Celebrating Walpurgis in Uppsala

During the 2nd semester in Uppsala, the students celebrate Walpurgis Night from 28 -30 April.

SINReM students stay in Uppsala for their 2nd semester in the first year. A long standing tradition in Uppsala is the celebration of Walpurgis. From 28-30 April, the Uppsala student nations organize a plethora of events to participate.  From brunch, parties, iconic games and competitions to the famous Champagnegalopp and Donning of the caps at Carolina Hill.

During the Champagnegallopp the students take a champaign breakfast with their student nations, often includes traditional herring lunch as well. Students that have remained sober can raft down the river that runs straight through the city of Uppsala in their humorously decorated rafts.

The Donning of the Caps is always on the last day of April on Carolina Hill in Uppsala at 3pm sharp! The university chancellor switches  from a black to a white cap and wave this on the balcony towards the students, to officially announce the spring and summer period. The students wave their white caps back to the chancellor!